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The Scottish Coalition

Scotland Today

Celtic Arts & Culture

Scottish American Publications

Scots and Scottish Gaelic (Gaidhlig) Language


Court of the Lord Lyon of Scotland - the official site

The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs - official website

Society of Scottish Armigers explains what an armiger is and the legal use of a coat of arms

Tartan Day US - celebrate Tartan Day in the USA  the Scottish site for Tartan Day Worldwide

The Gathering 2009 - The largest gathering of Scottish Clans in the world. July 2009, Edinburgh

U.S. Scots

Scottish District Families Association

Scottish Tartans Museum

Scottish-American Military Society

Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library - The repository for most Scottish clan archives

Tartans of Scotland

Electric Scotland a resource for a wide variety of Scottish research and reference needs


 The Scottish Coalition


(in addition to COSCA, the following organizations are members of The Scottish Coalition:)


The American Scottish Foundation

The Association of Scottish Games and Festivals

The Caledonian Foundation USA

Scottish Heritage USA

Scottish Tartans Authority


 Scotland Today


Scotland - The Official Online Gateway

Scotland Now - connecting you to modern Scotland

Global Friends of Scotland

Scotland Is The Place

 Celtic Arts & Culture


The Culloden Walk - a memorial at the famous battlefield site

Ceolas Celtic Music Guide - a great introduction to celtic music

Green Linnet Records - largest Celtic record label

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society - main website with links to branches

Thistle and Shamrock - weekly celtic music program on NPR 

The Robert Burns National Heritage Park

Celtic Connections - the world's largest celtic music festival (Glasgow)

Dirty Linen Concert Guide - world & folk artist tour info. 

New World Celts   bringing together descendents from the seven Celtic nations

Lark In The Morning - large collection of traditional folk instruments

The Swannanoa Gathering - celtic music workshops  in the NC mountains

 Scottish American Publications


Scottish Life

The Highlander

The Scottish Banner

Scots - the quarterly publication of U.S. Scots

 Scots and Scottish Gaelic (Gaidhlig) Language


AGCA - Gaelic Society of America

Brd na Gidhlig - developing Gaelic for Scotland

Save Gaelic

Wir Ain Leid - An Introduction To Modern Scots

Sabhal Mr Ostaig - Gaidhlig college on the Isle of Skye