Ceud Mìle Fàilte.

Clan Leader Bootcamp

Scottish American non-profit organization leaders, officers and active volunteers take on enormous amounts of work and responsibility often coming to the job without adequate training or experience to easily discharge their duties. Many of the stickiest challenges are common to all non profit organizations or to Scottish Americans in particular. These are the problems and tasks that everyone faces and no one really wants to deal with:

  • non profit organization legal and tax matters
  • membership growth and retention
  • fundraising and revenue generation
  • social media and digital communications
  • building and retaining an active Board of Directors and understanding what they do
  • volunteer development and use
  • personnel issues

COSCA offers webinars and conferences to help Scottish American clan and organization leaders be aware of these important matters. Additionally, we will maintain an active and up to date list of online and printed resources that leaders and active volunteers can use to help further their own education.

Webinars & Conferences

Upcoming Webinars and Conferences:

July 11, 2020 - Grandfather Mountain Scottish Clan Caucus
October 2013 - Scottish Clan Leader Bootcamp Webinar #3: TBD
Winter, 2013 - Scottish Clan Leader Bootcamp Webinar #4: Growing Your Membership By Marketing Your Clan On The Web.

Past Webinar and Conference Archive:

Stone Mountain Chiefs & Clans Conference |
Listen to the Conference Track 1 Here