Ceud Mìle Fàilte.

Scottish Clan & Family Caucus   

cau·cus:    /ˈkôkəs/
Noun:  A meeting of a body to debate and decide policy
Verb:  To hold or form such a group or meeting
Listen To The 2013 Grandfather Mountain Scottish Clan Caucus

Part 1:  Opening Remarks; Sempill; MacGregor
Part 2:  Durie I
Part 3:  Durie II
Part 4:  McLeish; McIntosh I
Part 5:  McLeish; McIntosh II
Part 6:  Closing Session

Listen To The 2012 Stone Mountain Chiefs & Clans Conference

Part 1
Part 2

Watch 2009 International Scottish Clan Convention

Part 1:  Morning Session
Part 2:  Afternoon Session

Watch 2009 Scottish Diaspora Forum

Part 1
Part 2


Thanks to all of you who attended the 2013 Grandfather Mountain Scottish Clan Caucus at Lees McRae College. The feedback has been great.  We were all disappointed that we were not able to meet together one more time up on Grandfather Mountain on Sunday.  The rain got the best of everyone and the games were ended in the morning and we all swam to our cars.  Nonetheless, we left the Caucus on Thursday afternoon energized and loaded with new ideas.

A Continuing Dialogue

The work of the Caucus will go on throughout the coming year in the form of five working groups created by the Caucus on July 11th.   We have created this online space as a permanent home base for the ongoing work of the Caucus.  In a few days we will be posting an audio recording of the full 2013 Caucus and the Caucus Summary Report here on this page.  We will post updates on progress of the Caucus Working Groups and other information that might be interesting and useful to the Caucus on an ongoing basis.

Sign Up HERE And Learn About Caucus Working Groups 

Mark Your Calendars For Next Year’s Caucus - July 10, 2020

In light of positive feedback coupled with marching orders received at the Caucus we are delighted to announce that we have reserved the Evans Auditorium at Lees McRae College for the 2014 Grandfather Mountain Scottish Clan & Family Caucus.  At present the date is Thursday, July 10, 2014.  Of course we are aware that 2014 is a year of Homecoming in Scotland and some folks will not be able to make it as they will be lucky enough to be in Scotland at that time.  We understand!  We’ll be at Grandfather Mountain again in 2014 welcoming any poor stragglers still left in America!


Global Clan & Family Alliance:
We’re already underway!

COSCA and our friends at the Scottish Australian Heritage Council (SAHC) and the Clans & Scottish Societies of Canada (CASSOC) are delighted to announce that we have been in increasing contact with each other  and we plan to make our online visits much more regular and organized.  Together with the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs, this loose but effective global alliance will work to bring the Scottish ancestral and heritage community together at the world wide level, with Scotland as the hub.

Visit the Scottish Clans & Families Global Alliance page to get updates on what Scots are doing around the globe.


Stay Informed - Read This Stuff:  

Caucus Backgrounders:

Caucus Presentation Materials:

Be sure to listen to Dr. Durie’s presentation as you flip through his powerpoint presentation.  LISTEN HERE (Dr. Durie’s presentation begins at 2:00 on this track)

Be sure to listen to Sir Malcolm’s presentation as you flip through his photos.  LISTEN HERE (Sir Malcolm’s presentation begins at 36:08 on this track)