Privacy Statement For The Council Of Scottish Clans And Associations, Inc.

Your Privacy Rights

The Council Of Scottish Clans And Associations (COSCA), Inc. does not disclose, sell, disseminate or otherwise divulge the identity of or any information about any person who visits its web site unless that person freely submits a completed information inquiry form. Completed information inquiry forms are transmitted only to member clans, societies and associations as a service provided by COSCA. These forms are only used to establish communications between the submitting individual and our clans, societies and associations. No information collected through the information inquiry form will be sold, transferred or released to non-member organizations or commercial interests.

COSCA cannot, however, make the same assurances for any web sites that link to or from COSCA's web site. Links to and from other sites are for convenience only, and do not imply sponsorship, endorsement, or approval by COSCA, which has no control over and is not responsible for the content found on such sites.

Nor can COSCA make any assurances that member clans, societies and associations will respond to the submitted information inquiry forms or will follow these same privacy guidelines.

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