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Scottish clans, societies, associations, businesses and individuals are all welcome to join COSCA. Membership period is January 1 - December 31 of each year. Dues are not pro-rated. For members paying dues through PayPal, the payment confirmation is your receipt.


Shown below is the current list of COSCA members.

If you have questions about membership status, dues, or need to update contact information for your annual statement, please email To update your website link or notify us of your Facebook or Twitter presence, please contact us.




     COSCA Membership List       

(as of February 21, 2021)) 

Current Members
(to join or renew your membership, click here)
Clan Anderson Society, Ltd.
Armstrong Clan Society
Clan Bell International
Family of Bruce International USA
Clan Buchanan Society International
Clan Crawford Association
Clan Cochrane
Clan Colquhoun Society of North America
Clan Cumming Society USA

Clan Cunningham International 

Clan Fergusson Society of North America
Clan Forrester Society, Inc.
Clan Forsyth Society USA
Friends of the Scottish Tartans Museum
Clan Galbraith Association
Clan Grant Society USA
Clan Hamilton Society
Christie Harrison

Clan Irwin Association

Kennedy Society of North America
Clan Lamont Society of N. A.

Clan Leslie Society International

Clan Little Society, North America Ltd.

Clan Lockhart - American Clan Lockhart Society

Clan MacAlpine Society
Brian S. Macdonald
Clan MacKenzie of the Americas, Inc.
Sept of Morgan of the Clan MacKenzie
Clan MacLachlan Association of North America
Clan MacNeil Association of America, Inc
Clan MacTavish
Clan MacThomas Society
Clan Majoribanks Society
Kathy Ann McClelland
Midwestern Kilt Company
Count Jan Maria Regazzo
Clan Rose Society of America
Clan Ross USA
Nancy MacClellan Sears
Clan Scott Society, Inc.
Scotclans Clan Website
Scottish Clans Golf World Championship
Scotcrest UK
Scotland County Highland Games
Susannah Sheldon
Clan Sinclair USA
Dr. Philip D. Smith
Diana Stell-Douglas
Carol Stephenson
Clan Thompson Society
Virginia-Carolina Scottish Society
Walters Family of Glencoe
Marjorie L. Warren
Clan Young
2011 Organizational Members
Clan Arthur Association, USA
Clan Blair Society
Clan Campbell Society of North America, Inc.
International Clan Chisholm Society
Clan Donald USA, Inc.
Clan Dunbar, Inc.
Clan Ewen Society USA
Clan Elliot USA
Clan Forbes Society
Clan Gillean USA
House of Gordon USA
Clan Graham Society
Clan Gunn Society of North America

Clan Hay Society, American Branch

Clan Henderson Society
Clan Home Society
Clan Hope
Clan Innes Society

Clan Keith Society, USA Inc.

Clan Lindsay Association USA, Inc.
Clann Cináeda meic Ailpín (MacAlpin)

The Macarthur Society in the US

Clan MacBeth Society of North America
Clan MacCord Society, Inc.
Clan MacFarlane Worldwide
MacFie Clan Society of America

Clan Mackay Society USA, Inc.

Clan MacKintosh of North America
Clan MacLellan in America, Inc.
Clan MacLeod Society USA
Clan MacQuarrie Society

Clan Maitland Society of North America

Clan Matheson Society
Clan McAlister of America
Clan McCord
Clan Muir Society of North America, Inc.
Clan Napier of North America
Nesbit/Nisbit Society of N.A.
New York Caledonian Club
Clan Pollock International
Scottish District Families Association
Scottish Games Council
Scottish Heritage USA (SHUSA)
Scottish Society of Indianapolis
Scottish Tartans Authority
Clan Shaw Society
Clan Wallace Society Worldwide