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Shown below is the current list of COSCA members. Web links have been added if provided by the clan or available through Google. In cases where the authorized website wasn't clear, it has been omitted. To update your website link, please contact us.


Current Membership Roster (as of July 2008)

Armstrong Clan Society
The Badger Family
Dame Barbra A. Bartz, DTJ
Senator David G. Berger
Clan Blair
House of Boyd Society, Inc
Clan Brodie
Clan Brown Society
Family of Bruce
The Caledonian Foundation USA
Clan Carnegie Society, Intl.
Clan Cochrane of North America
Calvert Collins
Kit Collins
Clan Colquhoun Society of NA

Clan Craig Association of America

Clan Crawford Association

Clan Cunningham USA

Dalzell Family Association of NA
Clan Donald USA

Clan Douglas Society of N.A.

Clan Dunbar, Inc.

Clan Ewing in America, Inc

Clan Forbes Society

Clan Forrester Society, Inc.

Clan Forsyth Society, USA

Clan Fraser Society of North America (CFSNA)
House of Gordon USA
Great Scot International, Inc.

Clan Gregor Society, Southeast U.S. chapter

Clan Guthrie - USA, Inc.

Christie Harrison

Clan Hay Society, American Branch

Robert & Christi Heston

Clan Home Society

Illinois St. Andrews Society

Clan Irwin Association

Clan Johnston/e in America

Clan Keith Society, USA Inc.

Clan Kennedy of N.A.

Clan Lamont Society of North America

Clan Leslie Society International

Clan Lockhart (ACLS)

Lawrence & Beverly Lueke

The Macarthur Society in the US

Clan MacAulay, USA
The Clan MacBean Inc.

Clan MacDougall Society

Clan MacDuff
International Association of Clan MacInnes, Inc.

Clan Mackay Society USA, Inc.

Clan MacLaren Society of N.A., Ltd

Clan MacLellan in America, Inc.

Clan MacLeod Association USA, Inc

Clan MacNeil Association of America, Inc
Clan MacNicol Society, Inc.
Clan MacPherson Association

Clan Maitland Society of North America

Kathy McClelland
Clan McCord Society
Clan McKoy
William K. McKoy
Robert McWilliam
Clan McMaster
Clan Menzies Society
Clan Morrison Society of North America

Clan Munro, USA

Clan Muirhead Society
The New York Caledonian Club, Inc.
Clan Ramsay Association of NA
Clan Rose Society of America
Clan Ross Association of the United States
Clan Scott Society, Inc.
Scottish-American Military Society, Ltd.
The Scottish Coalition USA
Scottish District Families Association
Scottish Heritage USA (SHUSA)
Friends of The Scottish Tartans Museum/Heritage Center
Clan Sinclair
Clan Smith Society
Clan Stewart Society in America
Clan Turnbull Association
Clan Wallace Society World Wide