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  General Reference

Association of Scottish Games and Festivals - listing of highland games across the US

Court of the Lord Lyon of Scotland - the official site

Panalba - Scotland's World Community

Electric Scotland a resource for a wide variety of Scottish research and reference needs

Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library - The repository for most Scottish clan archives

New World Celts - (Twitter: @scotclans)

Scottish-American Military Society (SAMS)

Scottish District Families Association

Scottish Register of Tartans

Scottish Tartans Museum

Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs - official website

Society of Scottish Armigers explains what an armiger is and the legal use of a coat of arms  the Scottish site for Tartan Day Worldwide

Tartan Day US - celebrate Tartan Day in the USA

Tartans of Scotland

Ulster Scots Society of America

U.S. Scots


   The Scottish Coalition USA


In addition to COSCA, the following organizations are members of The Scottish Coalition USA:


Association of Scottish Games and Festivals - listing of highland games across the US

American Scottish Foundation, Inc.

Caledonian Foundation USA, Inc.

Living Legacy of Scotland, Inc.

Scottish Heritage USA, Inc.


   Scotland Today


Global Friends of Scotland

Lordship & Barony of Kilmarnock

Our Scotland - let the world know about Your Scotland (Twitter: @ourscotland)

Scotland - The Official Online Gateway

Scotland Is The Place

Scotland Now - connecting you to modern Scotland - popular Scottish newspaper (Twitter: @scotsmandotcom)

Scottish Castles Photo Listing

Visit Dunfermline

 Celtic Arts, Culture & Genealogy


Ceolas Celtic Music Guide - a great introduction to celtic music

Celtic Colours - the annual festival in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (Twitter: @celtic_colours)

Celtic Connections - the world's largest celtic music festival - Glasgow, Scotland

Celtic Classic - largest celtic festival in North America (Twitter: @CelticClassic)

Cornelia Bush, CG, FSA Scot - Certified Genealogist serving the Scottish-American community

Edinburgh Festival - (Twitter: @edinburghfest)

Footstompin - Scottish music and culture website (Twitter: @footstompin)

Green Linnet Records - largest Celtic record label

Lark In The Morning - large collection of traditional folk instruments

Music Scotland - (Twitter: @musicscotland)

Robert Burns National Heritage Park

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society - main website with links to branches

Swannanoa Gathering - celtic music workshops in the NC mountains

Teaghlach Wood - lay down some Scottish roots

Thistle and Shamrock - weekly celtic music program on NPR 

Traveling Savage - Scottish travel website

Trees4Scotland - plant a tree for life! (Twitter: @trees4scotland)

 Scottish American Publications


The Highlander - includes the annual directory of clans, societies & associations

Scots - the quarterly publication of U.S. Scots

Scottish Life

The Scottish Banner

 Scots and Scottish Gaelic (Gaidhlig) Language


AGA - Atlantic Gaelic Academy - Twitter: @learn_gaelic

AGCA - Gaelic Society of America

Brd na Gidhlig - developing Gaelic for Scotland

Craic - Twitter sa Ghidhlig!

Gaelic Tweets - Twitter: @GaelicTweets

Sabhal Mr Ostaig - Gaidhlig college on the Isle of Skye

Save Gaelic

Wir Ain Leid - An Introduction To Modern Scots