The History of The Council Of Scottish Clans And Associations, Inc.

  • The Need For COSCA Is Seen
  • COSCA is Formed
  • Our Early Years
  • Our Recent Years
  • The Need For COSCA Is Seen

    In 1972, Dr. Herbert P. MacNeal, while researching his own Scottish heritage, made his first trip to the mountains of Western North Carolina for the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games. Over the next couple of years, he found many others among the attendees who shared his both interest in his Scottish heritage and a desire to share this heritage with others. As he visited the various Clan and Society tents upon Macrae Meadows, it became obvious to Sr. Macneal that there was no liason between these autonomous organizations. Each had been created by a dedicated band of individuals who frequently had to struggle in unfamiliar territory as their Societies grew and prospered.

    Dr. MacNeal realized that sharing these experiences would be immensely helpful to other fledgling Societies. He envisioned an overall organization that could provide this missing link between the independent Clans, Societies and Scottish groups. This organization would be tasked with facilitating an open exchange of ideas and information in promoting their common Scottish heritage.

    COSCA is Formed

    Meeting with Clan leaders in 1974, Dr. MacNeal found there was an interest in forming an umbrella organization. Eventually, the fledgling organization from which COSCA decends was born with election of Officers and the establishment of a mission to preserve and promote the customs, traditions and heritage of the Scottish people. The name of the new organization was The Council of Scottish Clan Associations.

    Our Early Years

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    Our Recent Years

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