Ceud Mìle Fàilte.

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We are privileged to have many friends of the Council of Scottish Clans & Associations across the globe that follow us and our work.  Although we make our services available generally to all Scottish ancestral and cultural organizations, we are extremely grateful for those very special organizations and individuals who actively support COSCA each year by becoming an annual member.   Scottish clans, societies, associations, businesses and individuals are all welcome to join COSCA and show their support. Membership period is January 1 - December 31 of each year. Dues are not pro-rated. For members paying dues through PayPal, the payment confirmation is your receipt.

Shown below is the current list of COSCA supporting members.

If you have questions about membership status, dues, or need to update contact information for your annual statement, please email membership@cosca.net. To update your website link or notify us of your Facebook or Twitter presence, please contact us.

If you or your Scottish clan or organization are not current members, CLICK HERE to join and help support what we do for you!

COSCA Members

American Clan Gregor Society
American Clan Lockhart Society
Clan Armstrong  Society
Clan Arthur Association USA
Clan Baird Society
Clan Bell International
Clan Blackstock Society
Clan Campbell Society of N. A.
Clan Carnegie Society International
Clan Crawford Association
Clan Cochrane in N. A.
Clan Colquhoun Society International
Clan Cumming Society USA
Clan Cunningham International
Clan Currie Society
Clan Craig Association of America
Clan Donald USA
Clan Douglas
Clan Dunbar
Clan Farquharson USA
Clan Fergusson Society of North America
Clan Forrester Society
Clan Forsyth Society USA
Clan Graham Society
Clan Gregor Society – Pacific NW Chapter
Clan Hay Society - American Branch
Clan Henderson Society
Clan Home Society
Clan Lamont Society of N. A.
Clan Leslie Society International
Clan Little Society, N.A. Ltd.
Clan MacAlister Society
Clan MacAlpine Society
Clan MacBean Society
Clan MacFarlane Worldwide
Clan Macfie Society of America
Clan Mackenzie of the Americas, Inc.
Sept of Morgan of the Clan MacKenzie
Clan MacKinnon Society
Clan MacNab of North America
Clan MacLauchlan Association of N.A.
Clan MacLellan in America, Inc.
Clan MacLeod Society USA
Clan MacTavish USA
Clan MacThomas Society
Clan Majoribanks Society
Clan Mar/Tribe of Mar (Canada)
Clan Martin USA
Clan Maxwell Society of the USA
Clan Moncreiffe Society
Clan Montgomery Society Int’l
Clan Morrison Society of North America
Clan Munro Association USA
Clan Napier
Clan Paisley
Clan Pollock
Clan Rose Society of America
Clan Ross USA
Clan Scott Society, Inc.
Clan Sinclair USA
Clan Skene Association
Clan Thom(p)son Society
The Durie Family Association
Family of Bruce International
House of Burnett
Kerr Family Association of North America

Clanranald Trust
Digital Celt
Genealogy Tours of Scotland
National Trust For Scotland Foundation USA
National Capital Tartan Day Committee
Scotland County Highland Games
Scottish American Military Society
Scottish Clans Golf World Championships
Society of William Wallace
St. Andrews Society of Mid Maryland

Anderson, Robert
Baker, Chuck
Belcher, David
Campbell St. John Jr., Robert
Chagnon, David
Gottleib, Deborah
Haight, Maria Clyde Burns Bush
Harrison, Chrissy
Johnson, Nancy
Kelly, James
Mackenzie-Wright FSA Scot, Howard
Mattern, Sr., James E.
McDuffie, Katherine
McFarlin, Peter
McKenzie, B. Donald
McIntosh, Susan L.
McLean. Ed
McMenemy, Iain
Moffet, Rodger
The Lord Montgomerie
Pickens, David
Piver, Forrest Lee
Scott, Andrea
Scott, Clark
Scott, Ken
Sheldon, Susannah
Smith, Dr. Philip
Stell-Douglas, Diana Kay
Stephenson, Carol
Walters, Jim