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Pipefest Stirling 2014 Clans Invited To March!

Pipes, Drums, Clans & Dancers Marching From Stirling Castle on June 27, 2020 to celebrate Battle of Bannockburn!

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    Scottish Clan & Family Chiefs Commemorate the Battle of Flodden

    The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs and invited guests gathered at St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh on September 9th to remember and pay respect to the Scottish soldier - particularly those thousands of Scottish men who fought and died at Flodden in 1513.  The event was important to mark this important date in Scottish history but it was also part of a larger effort to collect funds to support Scottish charities that look after today’s Scottish veterans.

    The Convenor of the SCSC, Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor reports that the service at St. Giles was “incredible”.   Further describing the day, Sir Malcolm added:  ”Clanship is alive in Scotland - no doubt.”  The event garnered wide Scottish media attention with photographers and camera crews from Newcastle to Glasgow to BBC London.

    • Click Here  for an identification key for the Clan & Family Chiefs’ picture.
    • Click Here to read the remarks of Sir Malcolm MacGregor of MacGregor to the commemoration service.
    • Click Here to read the address of Mr. Alistair Moffat to those assembled at St. Giles Cathedral.
    • Click Here for a list of  clans and families involved at the battle of Flodden as well as notable  casualties

    COSCA Prepares For Battle!


    The 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn that is …

    We are delighted to announce that COSCA will be at the BannockburnLive Clan Village June 28 - 30, 2014:

    The National Trust For Scotland has announced the lineup of 33 Clan and Armigerous Families that will be represented on the field in the Clan Village during the 2014 BannockburnLive Reenactment Events next summer.  In light of the humble number clans and families that will be represented at this Homecoming event, COSCA sought and was approved for our own pitch in the Clan Village. COSCA is undertaking plans to be present at Bannockburn to represent our members who cannot be there to greet the world in 2014.  We hope to see many of you there!

    Are you curious about which Clans and Families will be at BannockburnLive?  See the list HERE.

    More Good News - Pack The Sgian Dubh!

    In response to a great deal of useful input received from the likes of Sir Malcolm MacGregor, Convenor of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs, ScotClans and COSCA, The National Trust For Scotland has lifted the ban on Sgian Dubhs and other scary traditional items at the BannockburnLive events.

    There are some terms and conditions - clearly, the UK remains nervous about a serious knife violence problem that exists in their country.  The important “point” is that the Scottish Clan and Family community is not and never has been part of that problem in its celebration of heritage and ancestry.

    We have been wearing and carrying sharp scary things for decades at Scottish games and festivals across the globe with nary a problem.  COSCA thanks The National Trust For Scotland for recognizing that fact and for giving us all the chance to behave well as we always do and have a great time.  We will keep you all up to date on additional clarity regarding all of the rules and regulations for the BannockburnLive events.  And we will continue to advocate for the best interests of our members and friends.


    stirlingcastlePipefest Stirling 2014 - Could this be THE March?MAP560

    We think so.  Scottish Clans have been invited to take part in Pipefest Stirling! Marching from the gates of Stirling Castle to mark the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and joining over 1,000 pipers and drummers, Scottish Clans are all welcome to  take part in this international event.  The Parade will be led by the Atholl Highlanders - Europe’s only private Army!  If you are in Scotland on June 27, 2020 you won’t want to miss this!  Put it in your plans and  Register now.