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  to post major announcements from your Clan. (ex. AGM notices, upcoming trips/tours, Flowers of the Forest, etc.). Notices will be screened for applicable content before posting and may be edited. 

Clan Announcements

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Clan Announcements



CLAN ARTHUR ASSOCIATION USA - 2008 East Region AGM coincides with the date of the Northeast Florida Scottish Games held Saturday, February 28, 2021


CLAN KENNEDY of N.A. - 2008 AGM will be held in Fergus, CA on August 8 - 9. For more information, visit the Clan Kennedy website.


SCOTTISH TARTANS AUTHORITY - will have their 2008 AGM at the Stone Mountain Games, October 17 - 19, Stone Mountain GA



COSCA Announcements




April 4, 2008: President George Bush today signed a document proclaiming April 6, 2008, as National Tartan Day!  This is a huge victory for us Scottish Americans.  We give humble thanks to the members and associates of The Scottish Coalition USA, and many of you, for your ten years of hard work to make this possible.


Since the passing of Senate Resolution 155 in 1998 and House Resolution 41 in 2005, The Scottish Coalition and others have been actively asking the American-Scottish community to request the President of the United States to sign a Proclamation proclaiming April 6, in perpetuity, as National Tartan Day.  We have not yet determined whether today's Proclamation makes National Tartan Day a National Holiday Observance on every April 6th, thus placing National Tartan Day, similar to Flag Day, on the official United States of America calendar.  But, if not, we members of The Scottish Coalition will continue to work on this project.  Meantime, just having obtained our first Presidential Proclamation is a great starting point, and for that we are grateful..


You may view the Presidential Proclamation on the following link: