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Bannockburn 700


VisitScotland has released details of the Bannockburn Live event and the fabulous musical and literary lineup for Saturday and Sunday. We knew that a celebration of the battle of Bannockburn 700 years on had potential to be great. We are happy to report, in our opinion, Scotland has captured that potential and has put on […]

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Celebrate Bannockburn In Toronto - Next Best Thing To Scotland

Looking for a North American celebration of the Battle of Bannockburn?  Mark your calendars for June 21, 2020 and head north to Toronto, Canada.  Join the Toronto St. Andrews Society for the Battle of Bannockburn Symposium:  Scotland Then and Now followed by a hopping celtic dance to top off the day.   Here are all […]

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Teasing Out The Scottish Diaspora’s Indigenous Heritage

Scotland is a melting pot - a very old and complex one.  We know bits and pieces of the ancient and diverse recipe but it is rarely foremost in our minds when we try to conjure up ideas of the famed Scottish ‘identity’.  Instead, we try to find that one set of characteristics that can […]

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Exploring The Visceral Connection Between Highlander And Native Peoples In America

Over the next few days we at the Wandering Scots Book Club will give everyone a little taste of the great discussion and perspective that author Eliot Pattison and our special guest commentators will be chatting about this Saturday Feb. 8th at 11:00am EST during our On Air Panel Discussion about the colonial American mystery […]

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Bannockburn 700 Update: Things are looking up!

Bannockburn Live Update: Things are looking up! In the wake of the reshuffling of the Bannockburn Live event, Scottish Clans have secured an exclusive dedicated day of celebration and commemoration on the Bannockburn Battlefield. For those of you who, like COSCA, are keeping a close eye on developments having to do with the Bannockburn Live celebration […]

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Can Scotland Conquer The Cringe At Last?

COSCA’s February Guest Blog is out - A bit early! The following commentary was first published on the Scottish website The Drum.  The author, Noel Young, is a friend of COSCA and works the streets of Boston looking for great Scottish, Irish and other Celtic angles to bring to press.  Noel has kindly offered the […]

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Early Scots Piercing The Veil Of The American Wilderness

The Wandering Scots Book Club’s first book selection, Bone Rattler, evokes strong images of early Scots wanderers, exploring the frontiers and wilderness of British North America and interacting in fascinating and complex ways with all of the peoples and animals encountered along the way.  As hoped, Bone Rattler offers Book Club members a wonderful window […]

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Does A Second Battle Loom At Culloden Moor?

The Battle of Culloden took place on the 16th April 1746 between about 4500 men under Charles Edward Stuart and a Hanoverian force of 9000 led by the Duke of Cumberland. The result was an overwhelming victory for the Hanoverians and generations of pain and anguish for the highland clans.  A modern memorial cairn has […]

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Eliot Pattison: Using Historical Fiction To Explore Historical Fact

Eliot Pattison is the author of our current Wandering Scots Book Club selection “Bone Rattler”.  Pattison is a great advocate for using good solid historical fiction as a tool to better explore real history.  Here are Eliot’s thoughts: Our histories just aren’t good enough… We are creatures made up of stories. From the time men […]

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Watch For The Role Of Clanship and Kinship In America!

One of the continuing themes that Wandering Scots Book Club will be exploring through all of our book selections is the continuing role of ‘clanship’ or kinship as Scots moved about the North American continent interacting with the diverse cultures that would melt together to become America.  There are some stunning examples of the strong […]

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