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What is this form for?

The Council of Scottish Clans and Associations provides this form as a free service to the general public. It is used to put you in touch with one or more of COSCA's member Clans, Societies and Associations.


Who does COSCA put you in contact with?

When you fill out and submit the information inquiry form, an e-mail request will be generated that will be automatically forwarded to us. We will review your form and submit it to the appropriate organizations.


What should you expect in return?

Obviously, COSCA can not guarantee that member clans, societies and associations will respond in a timely manner. If you have submitted an inquiry in the past and have not received a response, try submitting the inquiry again. If this inquiry also fails, please let us know.


Please Note: Do not use this form to request genealogical information. Questions of this nature have to be addressed directly by the appropriate clan or association. You should note; however, that most clans and associations require you to be a paid-in-full member before specific genealogical or historical questions will be answered.

The Clan Inquiry Form  

Your Name:

Your E-mail Address:

Street Address:
Additional Address
Zip Code:
The above information is needed in order for your prospective clan or association to contact you.


Please list the LAST NAME (surname) that you would like us to check. You may list up to four.

Please only type last names, separated by commas (ex. Brown, Martin, Thompson, Grant)


NOTE: This form is not for genealogy research. Please do not list full names or request that we trace family members. This service is normally provided by your clan, society or association.

Do you have any questions or comments you wish to pass along to your selected clan, society or association?