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COSCA is a Proud Member of The Scottish Coalition: A Coalition of Autonomous Organizations Dedicated To The Preservation Of Our Celtic Heritage.

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Who is COSCA?

  • Member Clans, Societies and Associations
  • COSCA's Officers
    1. Executive Officers
    2. Board Of Trustees
    3. Newsletter Editor
    4. Webmaster
  • Past Presidents
  • COSCA's Affiliations
    1. The American-Scottish Foundation, Inc.
    2. The Association of Scottish Games and Festivals
    3. Scottish District Families Association
    4. The Caledonian Foundation, USA
    5. Scottish American Hall of Fame
    6. The Scottish Coalition (coming soon)
    7. Scottish Heritage USA, Inc.
    8. Saint Andrew's Societies - Web Sites listing
    9. Clans And Scottish Societies Of Canada
    10. National Trust for Scotland
    11. Tartan Education Cultural Association

    COSCA Bylaws

    Read the COSCA Bylaws. (397KB .pdf file)

    These Bylaws were adopted at the COSCA Annual Meeting on July 8, 2006.