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COSCA is a Proud Member of The Scottish Coalition: A Coalition of Autonomous Organizations Dedicated To The Preservation Of Our Celtic Heritage.

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Dr. Herbert P. MacNeal

Founder, Council Of Scottish Clans And Associations, Inc.
President, 1974-1984

During several visits to Scotland, Doctor Herbert P. MacNeal became interested in his Scottish ancestry and background. Friends suggested he should visit the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in North Carolina to pursue his Scottish interests.

In 1972, Dr. MacNeal made his first trip to the mountains of North Carolina for the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games. As he visited the various Clan and Society tents, it became obvious to him that all shared the same interests in their 'Scottish heritage', but there was no liason between these seperate groups. He envisioned an overall organization that could provide a link between the independent Clans, Societies and Scottish groups thereby facilitating an open exchange of ideas and information in promoting their heritage.

Meeting with Clan leaders in 1974, Dr. MacNeal found there was an interest in such an umbrella organization. Eventually, the flegling organization from which COSCA decends was born with election of Officers and the establishment of a mission to preserve and promote the customs, traditions and heritage of the Scottish people. The name of the new organization was The Council of Scottish Clan Associations. Dr. MacNeal also created COSCA's first logo as is shown below.

The Council, later renamed the Council of Scottish Clans and Associations, grew as more Clan Societies, Saint Andrew Societies, other Scottish associations and individuals joined the Council. All found membership to be worthwhile as it helped in their own organization's qrowth and development. At many games and festivals across North America, the Council tent has become a popular source of information, particularly for genealogy and tartans.

In 1977, Dr. MacNeal began a newsletter, The Claymore, which was cirulated to all the Council members and other clan and Scottish orqanizations. Subsequently, Dr. MacNeal wrote a series of Guides on Scottish subjects including:

  • Weddings
  • Burns Suppers
  • Starting a Clan Society
  • Running a clan tent
  • Dr. MacNeal remained an active President for ten years. Twenty—seven years later his vision is still being fulfilled in the hope of encouraging young people to appreciate and support their Scottish heritage.