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COSCA is a Proud Member of The Scottish Coalition: A Coalition of Autonomous Organizations Dedicated To The Preservation Of Our Celtic Heritage.

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Affiliations of The Council Of Scottish Clans And Associations, Inc.


The American-Scottish Foundation

The American-Scottish Foundation was founded in 1956 by Lord and Lady Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton. The Foundation's broad purpose is to build bonds of interests and cooperation, both social and commercial, between the people of Scotland and the United States.

Increasing numbers of Americans of Scottish descent are joining regional Scottish and clan societies, attending Highland games, and subscribing to Scottish-oriented publications. It is the mission of the American-Scottish Foundation to provide a focus for all this activity and to operate as a clearing house and information center about genealogy, publications, trade contacts, music, and Scottish activities.

In 1970, the Foundation established the prestigious Wallace Award to recognize leading Americans of Scottish birth or descent who have made outstanding contributions to this counrty. The Foundation also has a scholarship program and regularly publishes a newsletter for its members.

You may contact this organization at:

The American-Scottish Foundation, Inc.
575 Madison Avenue
Suite 1006
New York, NY 10022
Phone: (212) 605-0338
Fax: (212) 308-9834
Web Site:

The Association of Scottish Games and Festivals

The Association of Scottish Games and Festivals provides its member organizations with a clearinghouse of ideas, resources, and information to assist them in the production of Highland Games throughout the United States.

You may contact this organization at:

The Association of Scottish Games and Festivals
Roberta Goss
ASGF Treasurer
3000 Walnut Avenue
Altoona, Pa. 16601
Phone: (814) 942-0077
Web Site:

The Caledonian Foundation, USA

The Caledonian Foundation, USA (TCF/USA), was incorporated in 1976. Broadly stated, its purpose is to preserve and strengthen the traditional bonds among Scotland, Canada, and the United States. Its specific purpose is to preserve and promote the music, arts, and culture of Scotland, and to educate the public in this regard.

In furtherance of its objectives, TCF/USA supports, through the dissemination of information and through grants, the following: Scottish Opera and the Theatre Royal in Glasgow; Balnain House in Inverness; the Edinburgh Festival Theatre; and the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

The Foundation conducts seminars, maintains an exhibit of outstanding Scots and Scots-Americans, and through the Scottish Information Network, conducts research and answers questions from the public at no charge in all areas of Scottish interest. The Foundation has two scholarship programs, focused primarily on music and the performing arts. TCF/USA publishes Caledonian News, which is distributed periodically to members, contributors, and the national media.

You may contact this organization at:

The Caledonian Foundation, USA, Inc.
P.O. Box 4151
Sarasota, FL 34230-4151
Phone: (800) 713-0507

Scottish Heritage, USA

Scottish Heritage, USA (SHUSA), was founded in 1965 to recognize and enhance the original bonds of ancestral and national character among peoples of Scotland and North America. In practical terms, its mission translates into support of the National Trust for Scotland and like-minded Scottish conservation and preservation societies.

Additionally, SHUSA works to help people of Scottish descent in the United States become more aware of their Scottish Heritage. Thus, SHUSA sponsors an annual nationwide essay contest for young people in Scottish heritage topics, and underwrites a contest for an academic paper at East Tennessee State University in conjunction with the Scottish Studies Summer Program of the University.

You may contact this organization at:

Scottish Heritage, USA, Inc.
P.O. Box 457
Pinehurst, NC 28370
Phone: (910) 295-4448
Fax: (910) 295-3147
Web Site: