Ceud Mìle Fàilte.

Welcome to the Scottish Clan & Family Working Group Page

Working Groups Are Underway - Still time to get involved.

The Scottish Clan & Family Caucus decided by consensus to create five Working Groups charged with exploring and making recommendations for the benefit of the full Caucus in five specific areas of concern.  The specific areas were determined during the afternoon session on July 11, 2020 by consensus of the Caucus assembly.  These areas of concern were chosen primarily because of their:

  • critical importance to our common missions;
  • difficulty of achieving success in each area; and
  • commonality across all types and sizes of the assembled organizations

The five working groups are listed and summarized below.  Attendance at the Caucus on July 11 is not required to be part of a working group.

A Great Response!

We have had a great response to our call for participation and all five Caucus Working Groups are appointed and a Coordinator appointed for each.  The Working Groups will be targeting the end of 2013 to issue interim reports on their work.  Final reports from each Working Group will be released prior to the 2014 Scottish Clan & Family Caucus Meeting on July 10, 2014.

Scottish Clan & Family Leader Best Practices Manual - A tool that YOU can use!

The initial goal of the Sustainability, Fundraising, Membership and Communications Working Groups will be to create a set of best practices recommendations for use by rookies and veterans alike.  This is very important and very necessary work that will help support a stronger more resilient Scottish American Clan & Family Community and make all of our lives Sooooo much easier and more fun!  We are excited to see the results of these fine people’s work.

I.  International Gatherings and Clan Conventions

This one speaks for itself.  The core questions are when, where, what and why, all relating to the next International Clan Gathering and Convention.  This working group has been charged with presenting a report and recommended scenarios to the full Caucus in 6 months (more or less).  It is noted that the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs is also interested in this area of concern and this working group will be closely coordinating with the SCSC.

II.  Sustainability

The Caucus placed several important challenges within the remit of the Sustainability working group, including education, authenticity, generational transfer, and organizational health and stability.

III.  Fundraising

Many people hate fundraising, some people love it.  You know who you are.  We especially encourage you to join the Fundraising working group if you have fundraising experience in your Scottish group or elsewhere – church, counties, boy scout troop, civic societies.  This is a very important group that doesn’t appeal to everyone.  If you are one of the few, the strong, the brave – now is the time to step up.  You don’t have to share all of your secrets – but one or two for the team?

IV.  Membership

Over the last few years the subject of group membership is the area most often cited as of highest importance to Scottish clans and organizations.  While many if not most of us continue to struggle to keep our member numbers up and energized, some organizations are having real success using innovative approaches and ideas.  If you are one of those successful pioneers or just someone who has gotten good at old tried and true methods, the Membership working group needs your ideas and experience and your willingness to share those with the rest of us.

V.  Communications

The Caucus expressed a strong sentiment that the Communications working group should be the priority group.  Well, there is no priority group –  they are all important – but nobody is naive enough to believe that anything important can be achieved without good up to date communications capabilities.  Is this your area of interest or expertise?  Whether you are a social media junkie or a university IT manager, your help is needed on the Communications working group.

Sign up to participate on working groups now by contacting COSCA at:  info@COSCA.net