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Highland Happenings

Scottish highland clans getting together

Just a few weeks ago, a new group was formed and officially launched in the Scottish highlands. It is called the Association of Highland Clans & Societies, based in Inverness, and promising to do great things for the highland clan culture in the Highlands and Islands. To begin, there are some very exciting plans on the table for events in 2014 - but not surrounding Bannockburn. Rather, it will be the Highland Meeting and Highland Homecoming in Autumn of 2014. These are some of the events that the Scottish Homecoming 2014 team has been touting as reasons to come to Scotland in 2014. They have a good point.

For instance, there are plans for the “Highland Homecoming 2014″ in September and October of next year. It’s a series of events being co-ordinated by the Highland Council in association with VisitScotland etc. It’ll be launched with the “Inverness Highland Meeting” over the weekend of 12-14 September, which will include The Masters World Championship Highland Games to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Northern Meeting Park, the world’s oldest Highland Games stadium, and a gathering of the Highland Clans.

There will be a torch-procession of the clans through the city of Inverness on Friday, September 12 - the “Capital of the Highlands”. The possibility of a “Clan Roots” Conference is being explored to discuss the history and evolution of the Highland clan and the tracing of ancestors from the Highlands (although the AHCS and the Highland Family History Society will take the lead in this, it will be organised with the support of Highland Council and input from the Gaelic Society of Inverness and the University of the Highlands and Islands).

There will be a major musical element to the Inverness Highland Meeting weekend, which will include the Grand Finale on the Saturday evening at Eden Court Theatre of the annual Blas Festival (a week-long celebration, with events all over the Highlands, of the music and culture of the Gaels). The Highland Homecoming as a whole will culminate with the staging of the Royal National Mòd in Inverness 12-18 October.

COSCA is delighted that Graeme Mackenzie of the AHCS will be attending the upcoming Grandfather Mountain Clan Caucus to discuss all of this and more.

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  1. Chandler Stewart (Scotland Co Highland Games) says:

    If this is a seperate organization from COSCA, please send us (me) information to that effect.

    • admin says:

      Hi Chandler - The Association of Highland Clans & Societies is a new organization, completely separate from COSCA, that is based in Inverness, Scotland. It’s focus is on highland clan organizations in Scotland. You may contact the AHCS via Graeme Mackenzie at graeme@highlandroots.org.

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