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Tartan Day on Ellis Island!

America’s largest Tartan Day celebration kicks of Tartan Week with ‘Scots In The American West’  Exhibition  - March 28 – 30, 2014

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Duncarron Medieval Village Rocks!

Early clan heritage comes to life with Clanranald Trust’s living history project

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Scottish clans, societies, associations, businesses and individuals are all welcome to join COSCA.

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Pipefest Stirling 2014 Clans Invited To March!

Pipes, Drums, Clans & Dancers Marching From Stirling Castle on June 27, 2014 to celebrate Battle of Bannockburn!

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    BANNOCKBURN LIVE LAUNCH - FREE TOI USEVisitScotland has released details of the Bannockburn Live event and the fabulous musical and literary lineup for Saturday and Sunday.

    We knew that a celebration of the battle of Bannockburn 700 years on had potential to be great. We are happy to report, in our opinion, Scotland has captured that potential and has put on offer a truly once in a lifetime event on Saturday June 28th and Sunday June 29th.  Discover more …


    Let Your Voice Be Heard:  International Clan Gathering Survey

    imageAn international Scottish clan and family gathering is a cultural and kinship event for the entire Scottish community. Successful gatherings allow the celebration of the Scottish culture, facilitate intermingling of clans and families, and provide a medium for historic and cultural education.

    Producing and hosting a significant international gathering is a complex task. The Council of Scottish Clans and Associations (COSCA) together with its global associates are conducting a fact-finding exercise to discover the interest in a future gathering of the international Scottish community to be held in Scotland.

    This survey is an information gathering document only and does not constitute a formal plan at the present time. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

    Please click the link below to complete the survey and let your voice be heard.

    Complete The ICG Survey Now

    Thank you in advance for your time and thoughts. If you have questions or comments outside of the survey please send them via email toICG@COSCA.net.


    Wandering Scots Book Club:

    Teasing out the Diaspora’s indigenous roots

    Scotland is a melting pot – a very old and complex one.  We know bits and pieces of the ancient and diverse recipe but it is rarely foremost in our minds when we try to conjure up ideas of the famed Scottish ‘identity’.  Instead, we try to find that one set of characteristics that can be compiled into one monolithic idea of Scottishness.

    In the Wandering Scots Book Club, we continue to be intrigued by the insights into deeper understanding of early Scottish emigrants as well as insights into 18th Century Scottish – British relationships that can be gained by exploring the relationship between Scottish immigrants and the varied indigenous North American people that lived in what would eventually become America. While I am a believer in the basic adage that ‘coincidence does not equal causation’, as a comparative study there is surely significance in much of the story.  Read more and join the discussion HERE.


    bannockburn-bannerBannockburn Live Update:

    TODAY’S NEWS FLASH (February 19, 2014):

    It’s On!  Get Excited NOW!

    We are assured from the very top boss of VisitScotland that Bannockburn Live is now set.  During a productive and informative meeting last week COSCA was given assurance that we will see no further changes to the overall Bannockburn Live program – except to make it even better.  Visit Scotland Chairman Dr. Mike Cantlay has followed that discussion with an open letter confirming that the Saturday/Sunday Bannockburn Live festival is ON – politics or no politics.  Read more and check out Dr. Cantlay’s letter HERE.


    Culloden Battle Site Preservation:  An Open Letter To Scotlandculloden_battlefield_27_web

    COSCA has been following a proposed housing development that would be located within 400 meters of the Culloden Battlefield Site owned by The National Trust For Scotland.  Both the NTS and the local Highlands Council have objected/rejected the proposed development due to its adverse impacts on the Culloden site, visitor experience and potential future archaeological research.

    Upon appeal from rejection, our understanding is that with no public process and without taking any evidence on the matter, the Scottish Government has overturned the local council’s denial of  the proposed development and is planning to give the green light and go ahead to break ground and develop.

    COSCA opposes this development in its present form and in light of the paucity of investigation and analysis of its bad effects.

    Please take a moment to read COSCA’s Open Letter To Scotland (click on the link below):

    An Open Letter To Scotland Regarding Culloden Battle Site Preservation


    stirlingcastlePipefest Stirling 2014 – This IS the March!MAP560  June 27, 2014 – Be There.

    Scottish Clans have been invited to take part in Pipefest Stirling! Marching from the gates of Stirling Castle to mark the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and joining over 1,000 pipers and drummers, Scottish Clans are all welcome to  take part in this international event.  The Parade will be led by the Atholl Highlanders – Europe’s only private Army!  If you are in Scotland on June 27, 2014 you won’t want to miss this!  Put it in your plans and  Register now.