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What Is COSCA?  COSCA is the acronym for the Council of Scottish Clans and Associations. COSCA's primary purpose is to preserve and promote the customs, traditions, and heritage of the Scottish people. We strive to do this by educating the public about Scottish history, literature, music, poetry, art, and culture.

With over 60,000 clan members represented, COSCA serves as a clearing house for clan activities throughout the US. While not a governing or supervisory board for any organization, COSCA can and does strive to bring the clans and associations together through a variety of means. Our AGM is held each July at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in Linville, NC. This is open to any clan representative; whether or not their clan is hosting a tent at the games. Also, our e-newsletter, "The Claymore" regularly reports on items of interest to the Scottish community, both here and abroad.

One of COSCA's key services is to assist people who wish to identify their Scottish clan. Whether online or at one of the many highland games and festivals throughout the country, COSCA representatives offer a wealth of extensive research materials designed specifically to facilitate this process. Visitor inquiry forms are forwarded to the appropriate clan(s) so they may contact the prospective member directly. This, in effect, allows COSCA to act as the Clan's representative even if they aren't present at the games.

COSCA is also an active participant in The Scottish Coalition; a collective of several organizations united by a common purpose: namely to serve the Scottish-American community through research, long-term planning and information designed to promote our heritage. The Scottish Symposium is held annually where Coalition representatives and key leaders within the Scottish community come together to advance our unique identity. An example of the effectiveness of this alliance was the recent recognition of Tartan Day as an official national observance. (Please see our Links page for a list of Coalition members and their websites.)

So whether you're interested in what COSCA can do for your clan, society or association or whether you're an individual seeking to find out more about your Scottish heritage, COSCA is here to help you. We welcome you to our website and hope you will find it a helpful resource. Visit often, and make sure to find the COSCA representatives at your next highland game. We look forward to meeting you!



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